Frequently Asked Questions

Some of the Del Creates collections are made with completely original designs created by Del Creates, some are designer-inspired original designs created by Del Creates, and some are made with authentic designer brand materials that are purchased by Del Creates.  The designer-inspired products may incorporate some designer brand concepts and elements, which Del Creates then creates original designs from.  Most of the authentic designer brand materials are purchased from resale sites and stores.  Sometimes the designer brand materials may be new, but they are usually designer brand bags that are offered for resale, as many are vintage bags that are no longer in production.  Del Creates buys these bags, and then cuts them up for placement on the custom shoes.

All of the sneakers used are purchased.  They are purchased in retail stores either online or in physical stores, and then I work my creative magic on them.

Currently, the shipping options available on our website are within the United States and Canada only, as the cost and options for shipping to other locations can vary.  If you are interested in purchasing and shipping shoes outside of the United States or Canada, please contact us at [email protected]. Also, on all international orders, it is the buyer’s responsibility to pay import taxes and fees that may be charged upon arrival.

Given that all Del Creates shoes are custom ordered and handmade, all sales are final.

Most shoes are shipped within 1-2 weeks of purchase.  Sometimes, if certain materials are in high demand or supplies are not immediately available, it may take longer, but you will be contacted if we anticipate delays or any other issues with your order.

Generally, the shoes made for celebrities are often 1 of 1 customs.  However, if you are interested in ordering anything you’ve seen on our site or something else you have in mind, please contact us at [email protected].

If you are interested in ordering something original (e.g. shoes with your logo or branding or for a special event), please contact us at [email protected].  We are happy to see if we can work with you to make your 1 of 1 custom a reality.

Shipping labels are printed and boxes are generally shipped next business day after labels are printed. Please allow 48 hours after you receive shipping notification confirmation to track your package. Shipments to Canada may not track all the way to the destination.

Yes, Del Creates loves when clients show their love for our shoes and will often repost on our story.

All Del Creates customs are hand cut and hand made.  Although the shoes should look almost identical to what is pictured, there may be slight variations in the cuts and placements, especially with shoes of different sizes.  Also, some of the designs have variations within the design and depending on the cuts and placements of those designs, there may be slight variations from what is pictured.

Not at the moment, but we have lots of great ideas for clothing, accessories and other collectible items so you will be seeing those items in the future.  Del Creates also has some plans for collabs with other artists.