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Del Creates...

Creative genius

At Del Creates, our tagline is “Reimagining the look and design of sneakers”, and just by looking at our products, you will see the creativity, vision, and skill that goes into creating each shoe. Each shoe is handmade and, therefore, no two pairs are identical. In fact, some of our shoes are “one of one” customs. We customize all kinds of shoe silhouettes like Nike Air Force 1s, Jordans, and Vans. For our designer collection, we also use vintage luxury designer accessories that we rethink, reuse, and incorporate onto our shoes, using brands like Dior, Louis Vuitton, and Gucci, just to name a few. Our designer-inspired lines use original graphic designs created by Del Creates which are inspired by the big fashion houses to create unique custom sneaker designs. We also do fun graphics in various themes and use unique materials like 3M reflectives on some of our collections. Check out all of our collections and let us know how much you like what we do!

Meet who's Behind Del Creates

Del Gargiulo



Del Creates is the brainchild of Del, a creative genius when it comes to designing custom sneakers.  After seeing his first pair of Del Creates custom sneakers, one client commented these are “the most custom customs.”  Del has always loved sneakers and dreamed of being in the sneaker business since he was 12 years old.  From that time, Del’s love of sneakers also grew into a love and appreciation for fashion, especially the luxury designer brands.  Del combined these two worlds to develop Del Creates.  He started by taking materials from authentic vintage luxury designer accessories and reusing them on different sneaker silhouettes to create unique custom sneakers.  Del makes many of these designer custom sneakers for celebrities in the music and entertainment industry.  Given the scarcity and cost of these materials, Del began creating his own original graphics and designs to make more accessible custom sneaker designs for everyone to enjoy.  Del is proud to launch his new Del Creates website to take Del Creates to the next level.  Thanks for the constant love and support.  Just getting started!